My work explores beautiful locations, spectacular activities, and emotional impact of the viewer. My goal is to bring photography to an unexplored extent, combining traditional visual appeal with phycological influences and biological tendencies.

I have been influenced by the powerful documentation of climbers and adventurers by Jimmy Chin, such as his Dawn Wall project with Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson. Jimmy's ability to capture the whole story of climbing, as well as his spectacular timing and vision motivate me to push the boundries of adventure photography. I am also influenced by the beautiful climbing photography of Kiliii Fish, with dramatic skies, dream-like rock formations, and physically spectacular athletes, as well as his other disciplines of photography and his love for life and nature.

Beginning the day I overcame my fear of Rock Climbing at a summer camp at age ten, I have been fascinated by the challenges, emotions, feelings, and scenery associated with rock climbing. Amazed and incredulous at the ability of one activity to challenge someone mentally and physically, practice skills of dealing with fear, anxiety, stress, and impossible odds, acting as a therapy and release, and bringing people closer to the beauty of nature, I knew that I wanted to capture everthing I experienced when climbing for others to view.

I do my best photography when motivated by spectacular places and inseperable friends, and I strive to capture the emotions I feel throughout life. My goal in life is to change the world in any small way possible; with my photography I hope to motivate people to abandon the monotony of daily tasks, and live a life of passion and adventure.